We get you access to the best rates by connecting you with more rental companies.

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Receive quotes from real sales reps today.

We’re not a middle-man, we connect you directly to rental companies who can service your equipment needs.

How it works.

Equipment rates and availability change on a daily basis. QuoteToMe empowers you to capture the true market price by connecting you with more rental companies.

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Select your equipment and provide your jobsite location.

We match you with rental companies and you select who you'd like to invite to quote.

Michael Johnson

“Using your platform allows us to show PCL’s customers that we properly researched the best equipment price for them to construct their project and be mindful of their budget.”

Michael Johnson
Manager of Procurement & Equipment

Real sales reps will receive your request and send you quotes.

Compare quotes and select who you wish to rent from. Close the deal directly with the sales rep — we don't get involved in the transaction.

Mark Spironello

"You win with your losses too. You can see patterns, receive feedback and more."

Mark Spironello
Regional Manager

Keep your relationships, and build new ones.

We're completely free for rental companies to use. You're in control of who you invite to quote. Continue to work with your current contacts and discover new rental companies in our network striving to work with you.

Get live notifications on your quote requests.

We provide instant updates via email and through the website on all of your quote requests to keep you up to date by the minute.

For medium to large contractors, you can manage procurement across your entire company.

You can build your company account and team to imitate your real-world company structure. Our experienced team has helped set up accounts for some of the most recognizable names in construction.

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Since April 12, 2018 in Manitoba and October 12, 2018 in Alberta.