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November 6, 2018

QuoteToMe and BuildWorks Canada Announce Partnership

QuoteToMe and BuildWorks Canada have announced a partnership to join efforts in digitally transforming procurement for the construction industry.

BuildWorks Canada has set the foundation for how contractors find and quote on construction projects within Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. Similarly, QuoteToMe has built a centralized procurement process for equipment and tools that is actively growing in Manitoba and Alberta. The partnership of these complementary services was an obvious next step for both companies, consolidating the quoting logistics of projects into two easy-to-use platforms.

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Partnership Announcement

“The decision to partner together was two-fold,” said John Chabluk, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of QuoteToMe, “The first was a clear alignment in our missions to improve traditional processes and communication through technology. We both aim to create a transparent and connected market for contractors while maintaining distance from the actual purchasing decision. The second was the complementary nature of our services. When a project is secured through BuildWorks Canada, it was evident the natural next step for contractors is to procure the equipment they require through QuoteToMe.”

An alliance of the two organizations was clear for BuildWorks Canada as well, “BuildWorks ensures that owners and general contractors are getting interest and pricing from the best that the local market has to offer,” said Chris Griffith, Director of Business Development for BuildWorks Canada. “In the same way, using QuoteToMe creates an opportunity for contractors to ensure they are receiving quotes from all capable rental companies in their local area. Creating this fair, transparent competition generates value for everyone involved. We are excited to introduce our members to a great new tool and technology that will help them be successful and grow their businesses. We believe QuoteToMe makes the industry more efficient and productive, and with these goals in mind, we are excited to be a part of this movement.”

The collaborative efforts between these leading-edge platforms is aimed to inform and harmonize the construction community through the continued adoption of new technologies, and so far, it’s doing just that.

“We are humbled to partner with such a foundational, and influential leader in the construction industry,” said Chabluk. “Through this partnership, our mission is to bring more opportunities to rental companies by driving an efficient and centralized quoting process for contractors.”

About QuoteToMe: QuoteToMe is a procurement tool for construction equipment that provides contractors the ability to send quote requests, receive quotes and systemize the procurement  process across their entire company. Built with a deep understanding of the contractor and rental company relationship, the platform connects contractors directly to preferred vendors and optionally new vendors in the market.

About BuildWorks Canada: BuildWorks Canada is the premier procurement and business development platform for the construction industry across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Made to serve as a sensible tool that creates clarity and efficiency in the construction procurement process, BuildWorks Canada strives to improve access to opportunities within and across provincial borders. Their cross-provincial platform increases project visibility, resulting in easier access to upcoming opportunities, as well as more competitive prices from trusted and reliable contractors, consultants and suppliers.


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