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Receive quote requests free.

You’ll be matched with quote requests based on the regions and categories you service. If it’s a match, contractors will be given the option to invite you and your sales reps to quote.

Michael Johnson

“Using your platform allows us to show PCL’s customers that we properly researched the best equipment price for them to construct their project and be mindful of their budget.”

Michael Johnson
Manager of Procurement & Equipment, MB

Send quotes and get noticed.

Respond to a quote request from any device in under a minute. When a winning quote is selected, you’ll be notified directly by the contractor. All formal agreements and payment is then completed outside of QuoteToMe.

Mark Spironello

"You win with your losses too. You can see patterns, receive feedback and more."

Mark Spironello
Regional Manager, Manitoba







Since April 12, 2018 in Manitoba and October 12, 2018 in Alberta.
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Connecting you to contractors.

We're here to simplify quoting while maintaining and building relationships, that’s it.

An opportunity to sell and connect with every quote.

Respond with pricing, sales materials, any supporting documents and a personalized message. Your quote is always sent with your personal and company contact information.

Control the territory and categories you service, by location.

We work with you to set up your coverage areas and to identify the types of quote requests you want to receive — guaranteeing you’re in front of the right contractors every time.

Maintain your relationships, and build new ones.

When you match a contractor’s needs, they are presented with the option to invite your company, or your sales reps directly to provide a quote on their request.

Stay up to date with notifications.

Stay connected to the pulse of your entire company’s activity on QuoteToMe. We provide a snapshot overview and instant updates on all of your quotes to keep you in the loop by the minute.

Keep track of your quote activity from our Analaytics dashboard.

Analytics automatically reports on all of your quoting activity in real time. We summarize the business that you’ve won, you’ve lost and how many quotes went unanswered or were declined.

Built for suppliers of all sizes.

Whether you’re a small, regional supplier or large national supplier, you can easily build your company account and team to imitate your real-world company structure.

Join the industry leaders using us to secure new business.

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Free for rental companies · Available Canada Wide







Canada Wide Since June 10, 2019